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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

May 7, 2019

Tim Gray

World's LEADING Biohacker 

1%-ers welcome to the BIOHACK THE NBA episode!

This week's guest is a very 'out of the box' thinker, someone who turns the conventional thought upside down and disrupts the norm. But in a VERY VERY important way, a way that could literaly help you (and NBA players) live each day of their lives healthier, with more joy for life, and just feel like you are in control of your body and mind. And to be honest, there is not a whole lot of things more powerful than having that piece of mind!!
Welcome to the newly renamed, revamped 1%-er Podcast: Mr. Tim Gray. 
Tim is a Brit (yes, we still love him even through the UK has horrible food and no sunlight) 
Tim's wealth of knowledge is a GAME CHANGER. He one of the leading biohackers in the world - spent years testing, evaluating, and measuring thousands of biohacking techniques to improve health, cognition, and overall wellness.

Not only a leading biohacker, Tim is also CEO of Conversion Rate optimiser, a psychology specialist, a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, and a hyperbaric oxygen MASTER!!
He also runs the world's largest optimization summit in London - The Health Optimization Summit (link in bio on how to get your tickets for the LEGENDARY event of a lifetime in September) 
Let's get into it! In this episode we are going to dive DEEP on the 7 stages of how NBA players (and everyone) can build a BLUEPRINT for the most effective, efficient, and life changing ways to become the absolute best version of YOU that YOU can be!
1%-ers, buckle up, because here we go.....





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Twitter: @timgrayUK