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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Aug 21, 2018

Episode 51
The Oura Ring - Chuck Hazzard - The ONLY True Way to Know EXACTLY how to get the Best Sleep Every Night and the Most Energy Every Day!
Oura Ring - Chuck Hazzard
In this episode you will learn about everything Oura, and why the Oura ring is changing the game in athletic performance.
No longer do you have to 'wonder' if you got the best night sleep, you don't have to guess if your body is ready to perform at it's optimal level, every sleep score tracking marker is now right at your fingertips. Literally.
In this episode we will cover in depth on:
  • What exactly is HRV and why it is the most important tracking number to know in order to determine how hard you should work out that day
  • What is your circadian rhythm and why is it so important in understanding the amount of hours of sleep that is BEST for you personally
  • What is your chronotype (are you a lion, dolphin, bear?) and what does this mean to you in understanding if you function the best in the morning, afternoon, or evenings
  • Why is sleep more important than nutrition and exercise combined
  • How the top level athletes in the world are using Oura and the positive effect it has directly had on their performance
  • The ideal foods to eat before bed to enhance sleep to the max
  • Why just saying 'I got 8 hours of sleep' is first grade level learning when it comes to sleep knowledge
  • And MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!
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