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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Jul 23, 2017

Welcome to The Game of Life Podcast there we bring to you the behind the scenes in the lives of NBA players, business savvy enertapreneuars and top level performers in all fields of personal development. 
This week marks the 15th episode of the Game of Life. I can't tell you how blessed and thankful I am to have already done 15 episodes! I honestly had no idea if this would be a success or a complete flop when I started out and we already have more followers than I could have fathomed and 5 great committed sponsors. There is absolutely no way I could have done this without all of you out there listening and showing your support. I feel like we are a growing like a small 'cult following' group. The Game of Life Podcast-ers. Like the Star Wars cult of that wear Chewbacca suits around in public, we are the Game of Life Podcast-ers. We might have to start getting us some gear. Definitely not full masks though 
This week we are going to do something a little different. I'm going to go over what I have learned, found the most interesting, and the most applicable for everyone's lives out there throughout the first 14 episodes of the show. 
I've selected numberous clips from the episodes that I will play during this podcast. It's basically the best of the best Game of Life Podcast.  Might just spark your interest to go back and listen to an episode that you missed, or listen to it for a second time, or third. 
We're going to hear on how to get the best sleep possible from the top sleep coach worldwide Pat Bryne, the ideal amount of coffee to drink and the 5 daily life improvements you can do every day before 7am from Dr. of Medicine of Harvard Sanjiv Chopra, Jeremy Lin's life hacks and daily routine, one of the craziest real life adventure stories from the world renown adventure coach Jon Levy , the greatest sporting event games ever called from Emmy Winning Ian Eagle, how to get yourself in the best mental state of mind every minute of every day from the top mental skills coach in all of sports Graham Betchart, the life changing experience that can literally change your life and improve your health dramatically from Dr. Drew Hall, of course more behind the scenes from NBA stars James McAdoo, Aron Baynes, and Rondae Hollis Jefferson, and much much more. 
We'll have links in the show notes on how to listen to every episode.
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