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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Mar 7, 2019

Game of Lifers we are coming to you live from the future - whatever day it is there right now I am one day in the future. Is it because I have bio-hacked my way to becoming a Jetson? No, it's because I am in Japan. So literally I did nothing but fly to another time zone. And eat really really good life- changing sushi of course! 

Today you are in for a bio-hacking legendary podcast with one of the smartest optimization minds I have ever been around. 
Game of lifers welcome to the podcast Dr. Scott Sheer.  Dr. Sherr is the Director of Integrative Hyperbaric Medicine and Health Optimization at Hyperbaric Medical Solutions
Wow, yeah that is a mouthful in itself as you can see! What does that mean? That means Dr. Sherr is about to BLOW YOUR mind on why health and optimizing your life IS NEVER 'COOKIE-CUTTER' and is never the same for one person as it is for another. Finding the optimal health is all about finding what is best for YOU!! 
In this episode Dr. Sherr will give you a direct blue print of how you can do that and how you can literally change your mindset on your health right here right now in this podcast alone. We also dive deep into why hyperbaric therapy is a must! The extreme importance of 'gut health' and how to eat the exact right foods for YOU! How to merge 'feel' with 'tracking' to be fully in control of your body and how to become the ultimate SUPER POOPER!!!  All of this and so much more here on the Game of Life Podcast. So get ready and buckle up, because here we go.....
Oura Ring

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