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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Nov 5, 2020

Ryan Hollins - NBA Star Pivots to The NEXT Great TV Voice & Personality!


Ryan Hollins was an NBA journeyman - 9 teams in 10 years. Very very talented player, but the NBA wasn't his true calling. His true calling: TV!! Ryan decided to not live in his identity on being 'only an NBA basketball player and made the pivot to become the  NEXT BEST on air voice of professional sports!

ESPN, debating Shaq and Skip Bayless, its only the beginning of the greatness this NEXT LEVEL human being is going to accomplish!

Ryan and I get the juices of motivation and inspiration FLOWING with our guest host Ray McCallum!

CHECK OUT EVERYTHING Ryan is doing @ryanhollins on social media and his podcast with Brendan Haywood!




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