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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse | NBA Life/Optimization Coach Interviews NBA Athletes & High Performers on Mindset & Pivoting

Mar 31, 2019

Rob Sacre & Ryan Kelly Part 2

In this episode of the Game of Life Podcast we continue to dive SUPER deep behind the scenes into the lives of NBA players that have been through it all- The top of the mountain with the Los Angeles Lakers and now together again in Japan (a country you might now think about first when you think basketball) 

Rob and Ryan talk about their daily routines and mindset approaches to embrace everyday with joy no matter how routine or Groundhog's day it might feel.  They go in depth on the health/nutrition/bio hacking of the NBA, and share some of the craziest stories you will think only a Hollywood movie production could scheme up!

This is a JAM PACKED OF GOODNESS Game of Life Episode you can't miss!!




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