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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Jul 18, 2018

My Story - PART 3 - Raw and Uncut! Interviewed by New York Times Best Selling Author Rafe Bartholomew
Topics we cover on Part 3
  • Basically living out of an airport for 5 years traveling 40 countries
  • Life in the basketball mecca of LA
  • The secret gym at UCLA (where every top NBA player plays pick up)
  • The 'NBA training world' - what it's like behind the scenes in training the top athletes in the world
  • How to not let comparison steal your daily joy
  • Picking the next countries I want to visit - see the entire world!
  • Ketone ester - what is it and why is it the next big performance development in sports
  • My life project - Athlete of the Future
  • How I make myself a Human Guinea pig
  • Sleep tracking - How to ensure you get the BEST sleep every night
Rafe Bartholomew
Twitter: @Rafeboogs
IG: @tiyopaeng
My Article from Rafe from the Athletic