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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Dec 4, 2019

If you think you are connected, think again. Michael Trainer might be the most connected person you will ever meet, but in the most genuine way. Before recording this podcast, we strolled around Erewhon together in Venice, CA where Michael basically stopped and had a 'fully in the moment conversation' with nearly everyone in the store. 

That's who Michael Trainer is. Real. True. Genuine. 
You would never know that he raised 1.3 billon for Global Citizen - A Global poverty project bringing on the likes of the Foo Fighters, The Black Keys and many more. Or that he was a Full Bright Scholar at Columbia University. Or that he spent years living and studying in Sri Lanka. Or that the Dali Lama considers Michael a good friend. 
But that's why Michael is who he is, one of the most genuine and real people I have ever met. 
In this episode you are going to learn how Michael has grown his unthinkable network and how you can as well, by being fully YOU!! Michael doesnt do things to make money, he does things to make a difference in others lives, to change the world, to impact lives, and in doing so everything else falls right into place. He lives the life we all want to live, and now its time to dissect to learn exactly how you can as well!
So buckle up, because here we GO!!
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