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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Feb 14, 2018

Dr. Andrew Hill

Peak Brain Institute 


Show Notes

6:04  Playing Video Games with MY MIND!!!

9:18  Analyzing Everyone's Brain Individually 

12:00  How Peak Brain is Curing ADHD

18:10  Retraining Your Brainwaves 

24:40  Why You Probably Have a Past Brain Injury and Don't Even Know It!

29:20  How Peak Brain Practices Can Help Athletes Function at the Highest Level and Become Clutch in the Movement 




Dr. Andrew Hill is a legend and the founder of Peak Brain Institute. This podcast was done live in Los Angles with Dr. Hill himself. I'll be going through 3 months of brain training where we will chart, record, track everything. And at the end of the 3 months we'll bring Dr. Hill back on the podcast and I'll share with you the results and we'll make the assessments. 
And we'll all see if I got smarter! (or just really enjoyed driving ice cream trucks around with my mind smashing Zombies ; )
Dr. Andrew Hill has a Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA, focusing on lateralized attention in the hemispheres and EEG and Neurofeedback techniques.
In short, he's a genius (as you will discover in this podcast how in depth he gets) But to learn from the best you have to put yourself in the shoes of the best.  And Dr. Hill is the best of the best when it comes to Brain Training. 
ATHLETE OF THE FUTURE!!! (coming soon.... stay tuned!!) 
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