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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Dec 12, 2019

Its time to take control of your health. So many of us live in the 'reactionary' world instead of the 'proactive' world. Health care does not have to be sick care. 

And doctor Christian Gonzalez - better known as Doctor G, the host of one of the most popular and powerful health shows in the game - Heal Thy Self - is going to show you exactly how to take back control of your health and start living to your optimal potential today!!
Dr G is a neuropathic doctor who specialized in Cancer research. He has taken an integrative holistic approach on how to heal the body through nutrition, the best foods you should and shouldnt be putting into your body - setting up your environment - is your current living situation currently killing you slowly or helping you to live a longer healthier life. 
We dive deep into both of these super interesting and potentially life changing topics on this episode of the the 1% podcast. 
You're appointment is next with the Doctor (and you dont even have to pay 1,200 for a 15 min consultation. lucky you!!) Buckle up, because here we go!

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