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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

May 27, 2018

Cate Shanahan
World's Renown Nutritionist
This week on the Game of Life Podcast we have an absolutely special guest for you that will change the way you look at food and your diet - if you are into health, nutrition, or just flat out great tasting food, you are going to LOVE this episode. And if you aren't into food, then theres probably just something wrong with you and I really feel sorry for you.

The Game of Life podcast brings to you - Cate Shanahan, one of the top rated nutritionists on the face of the Earth. Cate has over two decades of clinical experience and expertise in genetic and biochemical research and basically she will help you reverse metabolic disease and reshape your body. It's not about the genes you were given, you can re-create your genes and your DNA through what you eat. And youre about to find out how!

In this episode you are going to find out why Vegtable Oils are toxic for you, how Dr. Cate got Kobe Bryant drinking bone broth, how she helped Dwight Howard transform his body from eating 22 candy bars a day to cutting out sugar, how to get the perfect beauty symetry through food, the top 3 foods EVERYONE should be eating daily, how to self create a diet based on your anscetrial background, the impact nutrition has on your brain health and overall daily happiness, and just basically a bunch of mouthwatering recipes that will change the food game for you forever!
So buckle up, and get your taste buds ready for world-renown nutritionist Cate Shanahan. Here we go...
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