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The Art Of w/ David Nurse

Dec 13, 2017

Chris Algieri - World Class Boxer

Episode 32




1:00 Going 12 Rounds with Manny Pacquiao 

7:10 Developing the Killer Mindset/Staying Calm in the Storm 

16:54 Behind the Scenes on the most INTENSE training of your life

24:45 Life Hacks/Routines/Nutrition 


Dec 3, 2017

Kirk Lacob 

Golden State Warriors Asst GM

Episode 32



 (4:00) Kirk's Background and His Story 

(10:30) How the Golden State Warriors Created their Culture

(14:30) The Secrets of Steph Curry's training 

(21:00) The Next Level Technology the Warriors Use

(29:30) Kirk's behind the...

Dec 1, 2017

Bill Hart - Navy Seal

Episode 31


Craziest Navy Seals Experience (1:00)

Background (5:00)

Navy Seal Training (9:50)

Working with Professional Sports Teams and the benefit (13:30)

How to be comfortable and calm in the storm (19:05)

Bill's life hacks & daily hacks (25:02)

Rapid Fire HOT SEAT...