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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Apr 23, 2019

My Top 10 SECRETS to Shred Body Fat!!




  1. Intermittent Fasting  (fasted eating from dinner 8pm-ish- to lunch 11am/Noonish - ideal is 16 hour window between meals)


  1. 3 min ice cold shower in morning (Ignites the brown fat adipose tissue burning - the type that working out can't do!!)


  1. Cayenne Pepper in morning drink with lemon, sea salt, alnd apple cider vinegar (this ignites metabolism to the max on an empty stomach)


  1. Ceremonial grade matcha mixed with organic coffee (while fasted)


  1. Light movement while fasted (yoga, walking, swimming) or a workout (whichever you choose is great! I like working out fasted, more energy and more fat burning that way as well in my opinion)


  1. Bitter melon extract after each meal (best natural fat burner)


  1. Walking after a meal (or if you are at a restaurant, I sneak off to the bathroom and do 25 air squats)


  1. You don't need as much protein as you think!! (extra protein is stored as fat)  - I usually go with 0.5g-0.75g per lb of body weight


  1. Weekly re-feeds (most effective way I have found to stay lean and LOVE food - go mostly low carb through the week (between 50-100g a day) and a refeed on the weekend of more carbs (not a cheat day but healthy carbs - rice, sweet potato, something you enjoy. And it’s great for the mind too!!) I normally go Mon-Fri low carb high fat. Saturday with a big workout carb re-feed and Sunday it carries me into an easy 24 hour fast until Sunday evening


  1. ENJOY LIFE!!! - Dont stress if you dont do these every day, dont stress if you go off the tracks (you can get right back on next meal!) don’t make it complicated, just have fun with it and have fun seeing the progress, enjoying the workout you do, enjoying the food you eat, enjoying the people you are around, enjoying LIFE!! (the number 1 thing that can cause us to get FAT AND UNHEALTHY -STRESS!!)