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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Jan 7, 2019

Listen to hear all in depth on each Mindset Shift and the story of how you can implement into your life TODAY!!!

The 29 Day Challenge of 2019 & 10 Mindset Shifts that COULD Change Your Life

  1. Your Superhero Power of Choice
  2. The Art of Showing Up
  3. 17 Seconds to Create Mental Overthrow
  4. Voting for Yourself Daily
  5. The Younger You Attitude
  6. Get to vs. Have to Mentality
  7. You Control Your Environment, Your Environment Doesn’t Control You
  8. Doing the Hard Thing First
  9. Turing your ‘to-do’ List into a ‘to-grow’ List
  10. Relentless Consistency