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The Art Of w/ David Nurse

Dec 11, 2018

Thane Marcus
Game of Lifer's how are we doing today? Ever thought being a professional golfer would be the best job in the world? Yeah, I have. Many times. And I'm not even any good at golf. Well, you are in for a holiday treat today as we have one of the brightest up and coming professional golfers on the podcast (up and coming that is until a career ending injury derailed him) 
When having his life goals and dreams crashing down around him, he was faced with the question - what do I do next? No money to his name, no plan in his pocket, straight from the middle of no where Kansas (sound like someone you know - I'll represent Iowa though thank you very much) Mr. Kane Marcus went on a journey to find himself. And find himself he did.
On this episode of the Game of Life Podcast we will dive deep into what Kane was able to do in a time of improbable transition in his life, how he learned how to embrace the setback and potential devastation to make mindset shifts that have now taken him all over the world speaking, inspiring, and breathing life into those who might be going through a tough time in their life.
Thane is not only an inspiration to me, but to thousands globally through his Living Inspired movement and takes us through a wild ride of professional sports, deep in the mind of a professional golfer, and how to enjoy the daily grind - all about the process and the journey Game of Lifers, not the end result. That's the key to true joy. So buckle up as Shane Marcus takes us on a ride of a lifetime.
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