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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Aug 15, 2017


This week on the Game of Life Podcast we are blessed to have one of the most reliable, durable, and overall biggest hearts for giving in the NBA. You might not know a ton about this guy because he doesn't post all over social media, never points a finger out himself saying 'me, me, me' like so many do, he just plays his role on the court, as a father, a husband, and man of Christ. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am beyond thankful to call this weeks guest a good friend of mine and one of the best overall people you will ever meet in the NBA. Indiana Pacers Thad Young. 

In this podcast you are about to find out Thad's off season routine (he is entering his 12th NBA season and has been one of the most durable players in all the NBA over the the past 20 years) You will hear what a 'day in the life on game day' for an NBA player looks like. You'll hear how Thad is giving underprivladged kids the opportunity to go to college, to have career as a high functioning member of society, and just all about the lives he has impacted through Young for Youth... and what you can do to join the AWESOME cause.  

As we do on the Game of Life to hack out the secrets, all the 'good stuff' of NBA players -- you will of course you will hear the Rapid Fire round - Thad's hidden talent, what he would be doing if he wasn't in the NBA (this one will surprise you for sure!), who he would invite to a dinner party, and of course who would win between me and him if it was going down in a shooting comp. 

This is an absolute treat to have Thad on the podcast! I got to know Thad well when I was with Brooklyn and how just genuine and real of a person he is. He was super high in my book before this podcast, but as you will hear -  he absolutely blew this podcast away! Thad is a reinsissance man and much more than just a basketball player. And you're about to find out why. 

Thad Young. Game of Life. Here we go. 




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Audience Call In ---

The 'Game of Lifer's' have struck again! I think we really do have this 'cult following' going. You guys make this all possible. And over 10,000 downloads in 18 episodes - we are on pace to be one of the fastest growing podcasts on iTunes. You guys starting this, and I'll ALWAYS have you guys number 1 in the Game of Life no matter how big it gets.  Means so much to me to get feedback like I did from Coach Mattson of Maryville, Mo - He hit up twitter with the message --- Working out is better when you're tuning in to the Game of Life with David Nurse podcasts! Great one today with Gary Sacks!!

Love it! Thank you big time for the feedback and the kind note! Coach Mattson is now entered to win NBA tickets to the game of his choice this upcoming season (and the 2017-2018 schedule just recently got released!)



3pts of the Week!!


1. What I'm Using:

 JINGOU Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock Sunrise Simulation


2. What I'm Reading:

UNBROKEN- Laura Hillenbrand


3. Behind the Scenes NBA

Listen into the podcast to hear about the first games together for Russ Westbrook and Paul George as OKC Teammates