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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Oct 29, 2019

TC Stallings is a former professional football player turned actor turned producer turned whatever he decides he wants to be. 

And trust me, it hasn't been an easy journey. 
TC was on the path to be an NFL running back, until it was all taken away from him because of what he believed in. 
TC could be like The Rock in acting, but not in this world if you don't compromise your values. 
TC is exactly that, uncompromising. He lives who he is and lives for so much more than himself. He isn't an actor or producer for the fame and glory, he does it as a platform to show others the way to true and ultimate joy. 
This guy is an absolute game changer and trust me, you will be feeling super motivated and juiced up after this podcast. 
So buckle up, because here we go!! 
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