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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Apr 30, 2018

Ryan Murray

Fortius Movement Specialist


On this episode of the Game of Life Podcast you are going to become a better athlete.
Seriously, you will. Even if you don't think youre an athelte,  just by listening to this podcast your body movement efficency will be increased.
If you had a sore back when you woke up this morning, yeah that will be cured. You may never look at movement the same after this podcast.
I ventured up to the Great North in Vancouver Canada on a search for the most cutting edge athlete performance development and I found these guys - Fortius (as you will hear me call them Fort-i-us throughout out the podcast) I'm blaming that solely on the thick Canadain accent I don't have. 

Ryan Murray is one of the leading pysio's in profesional sports, and is an absolute genius when it comes to figuring out how to help atheltes beceom the best version of themsevles in their given playing field. I have first hand watched him reconstruct a top 10 NBA PG's body movement and make what was a very explosive player even more efficienct and explosive than he ever believed he could be.
Fortius has worked with the best of the best Canadian Olympians, the Toronto Raptors, and is the brain child of whom I consider the best athlete of movement efficiencty of all time - Steve Nash

So buckle up and try to stay still if you can, trust me you're going to want to move - Ryan Murray Fortius Game of Life Podcast, here we go

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