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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Jan 1, 2019

Rashon Burno

Associate Head Coach Arizona St Basketball

Game of Lifers - all I gotta say is you are about to be absolute rocked by this guest - rocked in a way that you never even knew existed.
This guest has been litearlly through everything you can ever imagine with every life tragedy and every odd stacked against him.
You might not have heard his name yet, but you soon will. He is one of the up and coming basketball minds not just in college basketball but the entire sport. His passion, his genuine servant hood mentality, his ability to be vulnerable, his love for what he does and the people around him, it just oozes out of him and you are about to experience it with me.

Game of Lifers welcome to the podcast Rashon Burno.
Arizona St head assistant coach has literally seen it all and on this podcast we will go in depth on how he survived the lost of both parents to AIDS, going through the agony of burying his sister, growing up in the New Jersey streets laced with drugs and gang violence, having to work to put food on the table at age 7, being a 5' 7" basketball player when no one believed in him and overcoming all odds to get a scholarship to DePaul. Going into the 9-5 corporate world grind and giving up the sense of security to follow his passion to coach basketball. Getting fired and turned away from numerous coaching jobs, and his 'never give in, never give up' mentality from a servant first perspective that is not just inspirational and motivational but a breath of fresh air that will have you running to your tv to watch the next Arizona St basketball game.

He is so much more than basketball. He puts others before self, and in doing so he makes me extremely honored to call him a good friend.
Game of Lifers buckle up, Rashon Burno is coming at ya!




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Twitter: @CoachBurno11

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