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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Jul 16, 2020


The Pivot & Go Episode!

One of the most fun episodes I have ever done…

Not because I got the opportunity to talk all about Pivot & Go and how beneficial the book can be for those who read it and the power it holds in the tools and actions steps that it provides, but because I got to be interviewed by my AMAZING wife!!

Pivot & Go - All about the Book! (Interviewed by my AMAZING wife Taylor Kalupa)

We talk in depth about everything Pivot- the chapters, how the book is set up, what the most impactful chapters and mindset pivots are in the book, what you will get out of the book, how to make a pivot in your own life, and so much more!  Honestly, anytime I get to talk to my wife in an interview (or get interviewed by her) its just a TON of fun!! (I should have had her just read the entire book, that woulda been the best podcast!! lol)  But audio and ebook coming soon as well - official launch date for those on August 4th as well as the nationwide release of Pivot & Go!!! No better time than the world we are living in right now to Pivot &….. GOOOOO!!!!!!!!




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