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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Apr 23, 2019

Paul Saladino PART 2

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Paul Saladino is a Game Changer. Point blank, he might be the most manly man you have ever met? And it's not just because he is devouring delicious ribeye steaks and egg yolks cooked in animal fat for breakfast. It's because he is revolutionizing what society thinks about nutrition and the RIGHT type of nutrition. He is DISRUPTING the game and bio-hacking his health to the optimal level.  Doing so through the carnivore diet. But not in the way you would think the carnivore diet would be. People have misnomers of being a carnivore, but trust me this episode will CHANGE your mind and then some. It will literally have you making dehydrated beef livers, stewing up a big pot of bone broth, and eating salmon roe eggs by the spoonful. (trust me, it happened to me!)  

In this PART 2 episode: 

Paul dives into the in depth science on how the TRUE carnivore diet (or should I say lifestyle) helps people overcome a multitude of mainstream illnesses, potentially a cancer prevention, and is a game changer for high performing athletes and individuals. Trust me, you do NOT want to miss this episode! Not only is Paul a super wealth of knowledgable, as a functional medicine specialist that has traveled all over the world, but he is super entertaining and full of ENERGY! Energy straight from dominating on a 24oz Ribeye steak that is. 

1%-ers, you are in for a treat today, grab your steak sauce, your man boots, and your sharpest knife in the kitchen and get ready to chop it up with the legend Paul Saladino! 





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