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The Art Of w/ David Nurse

Dec 24, 2018

Norm Powell-

Game of Lifers hold on to your seats, you are about to go on a journey (scratch that, an adventure of a lifetime) with one of the most mentally strong players in the NBA, and in professional sports for that matter.
He is the epitome of 'never being given anything', 'always being overlooked' - he was said to be too short, not athletic enough, not skilled enough, could never play college basketball at a high level. And he proved everyone wrong. Could never play in the NBA. And he proved everyone wrong once again. Could never be a star in the NBA. And he is in the process of proving everyone wrong yet again. And he will.
Coming from absolutely nothing, not having enough money to get lunch at school growing up, basically having to raise his siblings with his mother from the moment he could walk. From extreme poverty to the top of the NBA with people trying to pull him down and hold him back every step of the way.
He is one of the most motivational passionate people I have ever been around. He is a very close dear friend of mine. He is everything that embodies never letting anyone tell you that you can't do something. He is Norm Powell.
Toronto Raptors Norm Powell.

In this episode we are going to dive deep behind the scenes on Norm's incredibly challenging upbringing, what drove Norm every day to strive for a better life, how he developed a mindset of not only understanding the daily grind but embracing and enjoying the grind of life, Norm's daily routines, his habits, his biggest influence in his life, life behind the scenes in the NBA, and advice to everyone out there that have people in their life trying to tell them they can't achieve their goals.
Game of Lifers buckle up and lets grind with NBA star Norm Powell.

















Title: Game Changer!!!

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Comment: These podcasts are full of life changing information that Nurse challenges you with by bringing in the best of the best speakers! Spending an hour on this podcast will change your mindset and outlook on life. The speaker’s Nurse brings in are full of humility and the definition of unselfishness. They want to do whatever they can to help listeners excel and really take on that 1%-er lifestyle! He brings in diverse options to ensure that you take away something new and important to you each and every podcast. Nurse challenges and motivates listeners just by the positivity he breathes. A guy living out the life Christ has called him to live challenging, impacting, and transforming lives daily! This podcast is a 10/10 that you must check out if you want to maximize each and everyday of your life to fulfill your potential and calling!