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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Oct 24, 2019

1%-ers you are in for a treat today - we have the first ever dual podcast with my host Ray McCallum. You know Ray from his NBA career and being on the 1% podcast previously as a guest. But what you don't know about Ray is that he is a very talented host as well, as you will find out! 
Ray and I are going to do a series of podcasts together with NBA players to take a deep dive inside their minds - what motivates them, what are their routines and habits, how they got to the world-class level they are at and much more. 
Our first guest is none other than someone who I consider a brother to me - Utah Jazz PG Nigel Williams Goss.
Nigel has taken the unconventional route to get to where he is today, dramatic life changes that have shaped him and allowed him to grow. Nothing has been given to Nigel, but as you will find out, he wouldn't want it any other way.
We dissect everything that makes Nigel tic and what makes him the NBA 1%-er he is.
You are in for a SUPER treat today, buckle up because here. we. GO!!
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