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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Feb 19, 2019

Nick Littlehales
When it comes to life changing people there are only a handful that in my life that I would say have REALLY changed my way of thinking and changed my entire outlook on a certain area of life. 
This guy is DEFINITELY one of them. 
And exactly why he is on the podcast for the 2nd time.  He is that good at what he does (the best in the world is pretty good I would say) and he literally has the power with his knowledge to change your life today. And this podcast alone revamped my thinking once again on one of the most important aspects in all of life, literally without it we can't function. Sleep. 
Game of Lifers welcome back the legend of sleep, someone who I am blessed to be able to call a very good friend of mine - Nick Littlehales. 
Nick has devoted his life to figuring out how to get the optimal sleep (which you will find out exactly how on this episode) but has made sleep coaching a term that didn't even exist ten years ago. He is the absolute definition of a 1%-er. Someone who not only made their passion their career but made their passion a movement for a MUCH BIGGER PURPOSE. 
Nick has coached the best of the best - Gold medal winning olympic athletes, Manchester United Soccer, high achieving fortune 500 CEO's, and many many more. 
In this episode of the Game of Life podcast you are about to learn multiple things that will not only help you get better sleep each and every night but will also shift your entire mindset on sleep. 
Get ready, cuz this episode is a GAME CHANGER!  Buckle up, Nick Littlehales, here we gooooo....
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