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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Sep 4, 2017

Listener Question and Answer

David Nurse

Glad to have you all to another episode of Game of Life Podcast, where we bring to you the behind the scenes in the lives of NBA players, business savvy enertapreneuars and top level performers in all fields of personal development. The podcast that helps you become the best version  




Yinon - Beersheba, Israel 

Biggest difference in being a player to a coach?






Tony – Adelaide, Australia

How do you approach coaching college players compared to NBA players?




Jordan – San Antonio, Texas

Craziest adventure I have had overseas- when did you think, I’m not going to survive?


Rodney - Detroit, Michigan 

Of all things talked about on the podcast so far, what are the things that I have taken away to implement in my daily life – my self improvement steals from the guests

Try to take piece from all

Overall is Perspective – your life is only as good or as bad as you allow yourself to think it is.

Graham Betchart, I use his Lucid app every day and always being in a positive frame of mind – Victory goes to the Vulnerable

Nick Littlehales the 90 minute cycle secret of sleep and how important same time to bed and rise is – circadium ryhtm.  Patrick Bryne – dark, cool room, red light

Sanjiv Chopra’s Simple Things

Jeremy Lin- Not getting caught up in the moment but knowing God has the plan and being able to rest in that peace – work like it depends on you but know that God has it all under control

Thad Young – being like Thad, trying to be a humble servant. Give without saying, yeah look at me and how great I am.

Ian Eagle – No matter your passion, follow it. Don’t let anyone tell you no and just get immersed in whatever your passion is as much as possible

Ample, Whoop, Halo, HVMN – I use the products of the sponsors because I believe in them.

I get a lot of sponsors reaching out but I’m only going to promote a product or company that I believe in and that I use.


Ryan  Tokyo, Japan  

Guests that I really want to have on and learn from

Steve Nash

Elon Musk

Tom Brady


Jackson - Boston, MA

Best Podcast out today

Tim Ferris

Ben Greenfield

Becoming Superhuman

Reality San Fran



If I could invite 3 people to a dinner party

Paul – from the Bible 

Larry David

James Naismith



The best advice I got when I was younger 

Never let anyone tell you no! Ever. 



3pointers of the week---


1. Book I'm reading - Stone Soup


2. Life Hack Im Using -

Match Green Tea!

You know what they say - when in Tokyo do as the Tokyoians do... Or something like that...


3. Behind the Scenes NBA News-


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