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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Mar 14, 2018

Landry Fields
NBA Life Part 1
Game of Lifers, how we doing out there! 
This week we are jumping back into the NBA with a very good friend of mine Mr. Landry Fields. 
Now you can look at a Landry in a lot of different lights - and most people do:
Great NBA shooter, promising career cut short by injuries 
The couch lender of the Lin-sanity madness in New York 
Stanford Educated, Savvy Spurs Scout (man thats a tongue twister) 
That's who Landry is on the surface, and all great things of course, but he is much more of than that, much deeper. One of the most genuine, kind, truly caring people that you will ever meet in the NBA. And probably life in general to be honest. Ive been very blessed to be able to develop a close friendship and brotherhood with Landry. You know how they say you are the sum of the people you hang out with, well that's why I keep Landry around.  No but seriously, you are going to find out exactly why Landry is going to be a GM or Head Coach eventually in the NBA, and why is the epitome of the Spurs culture. You will hear in depth about all of that and much more - like what made Landry did on a daily basis to make himself better every day, turning a potential lifetime negative into a thriving positive, transitioning from a player to front office, what scouts are REALLY looking for in ever so tantalizing word potential, why his joy in life is not determined by his circumstances, who he puts his trust and hope in, and a lot of juicy behind the scenes NBA stories. So get ready, buckle up, cuz part 1 The Game of Life Podcast w/ Landry Fields coming at ya right now....
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