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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Dec 2, 2020

Jordan Richard - Swish Cultures, Growing a Worldwide Brand from Scratch!


Jordan was a professional basketball overseas (overlooked and often counted out) His identity was basketball, but yet he wasn't succeeding at the level he wanted to be at.  Jordan had a passion for video, for highlighting others games/moves/everything a bball fan would love to watch. So he started, with everyone telling him he was crazy and couldn't make a business out of it, Jordan took videoing basketball players in obscure countries in Europe to becoming the TOP NBA Video guy Worldwide!! He is the world renown Swish Cultures!!! 

This podcast is an epic journey of taking a passion and making it not only your career, but your MISSION!! All while shedding the identity the world has placed upon you!


All about Jordan





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