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The Art Of w/ David Nurse

Nov 27, 2018

Is there anyone out there that can say Klay Thompson and Carmelo Anthony come to me to learn?? Our guest today is that guy, that guy in so many more reasons than just his brilliance on the basketball court helping some of the best of the best NBA players reach their full potential. As great as he is as 'whom I would consider the World's TOP NBA trainer, he is even a better person - his energy for life, his passion for every day, his mission he is on, his love for his family for the Lord, and just his true genuine 'super fun attitude' do be around is like an infectious plague. An infectious plague that we need spreading to every corner of the globe!!
Game of Lifers, welcome Jordan Lawley to the podcast.
In this episode we dive deep into what the true definition of success is, why lasting relationships are more important than any basketball drill, how to grow a business and a brand while not being consumed by the comparison game and the 'look at me' game, how knowing yourself is the first step to understanding what your passion is, daily routines and habits that makes Jordan the best of the best, why Klay Thompson and Carmelo Anthony come to him and what hardly anyone knows about these two NBA superstars and who they truly are, and some HOT SEAT rapid fire questions that will have you dying laughing right along side of us!
Game of Lifers grab your seat belts and strap in because you are in for a ride!
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