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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Jan 10, 2019

Game of LIFERS -
You are bout to get the biggest gift you could ever get in 2019!!
The guest on this week's episode of The Game of Life is the smartest person I have ever spoken with. Hands down an absolute GAME CHANGER!! He litearlly gets on stage and remembers 100 people's names on the spot. Not to impress but to express the power of the human brain. And even more than being the smartest human being on the face of the planet in my opinion he is extremely genuine and caring for others. He puts others before self and is the definition of a true servant.
I'm beyond juiced up to bring to you someone who I have GREAT admiration and respect for - Jim Kwik.
In this episode Jim dives deep into overall life optimization and how by paying attention to your brain will increase your overall daily joy, passion for what you do, and confidence in who you are.
Topics that we cover:
REBUILDING the brain
Decision making skills - how to increase your muscle memory
Knowledge is not power - it is POTENTIAL power
Learn EVERYONE'S name that you meet from here on out
How top level athletes, high performers, Hollywood's best train their brain
Efficient learning - outside the box thinking
How to read a book a day
Sleep is SUPER important, like beyond what I can even describe to you in this message. Sleep is everything- without it you can't function. Imagine yourself being an iphone waking up on 'low battery'  Yeah, good luck having a good day today. Buuuuuuuuut, there is a solution to ALWAYS getting a good nights sleep and waking up every morning to PUNCH LIFE IN THE FACE - the Chili Pad - Basically all my Nba players use it and I litearlly yearn for it when I'm away from LA and on the road.
Set your personal temperature to whatever you want it to be (I sleep in the SUPER cold at 57 degrees - optimal for the most restorative and regenerative sleep possible) 
Check it all out at Chili Pad
And enter the code DNBBall30 for 30% off at the checkout - literally can be over $100 off!!
Game changer right here, wouldn't be telling you about them if I didn't believe in them 100%.  Even thinking about naming my first son Chili after them. Seriously. Maybe. Anyways, check em out and step your sleep game up tonight!!
Twitter: @jimkwik
IG: @jimkwik
10 things to change your life immediately AGELESS MIND
1. Good Brain Diet - Eating brain food?
2. Controlling Self Talk - How strong are you?
3. Exercise - are you moving daily?
4. Brain nutrients - supplementing with the right nutrients? DHA most important, find out what works for you
5. Positive Peer groups - are you encouraged, motivated from those around you?
6. Clean Environment - Your environment and surroundings affect who you are
7. Sleep - short and long term memory build, muscles build, cleans plaque out that can lead to dementia, the recharge of everything.
8. Protecting your brain - Emf's, cell phones, protect brains!
9. New learning - gratitude and LIFELONG LEARNERS lead to longevity! ageless mind!
10. Stress management (the invisible one)- how are you managing your stress?