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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Jun 19, 2017

We have a very special one for you today. I think all of you probably know of him, have watched him play, and have followed his amazing path in the NBA.  I'm beyond blessed to be able to call him a great friend and someone who I them exemplifies everything good about professional sports and the way athletes should be.  Best role model in the NBA, one of the most caring, giving, philanthropical players and just people that I know.  A guy who is the essence the an underdog story and someone who plays for a great purpose than himself. Should I keep the suspense building....???
The Game of Life Podcast welcomes Jeremy Lin.... We're about to dive deep behind the scenes with Jeremy and join him on the roller coaster ride that was Linsanity, learn his secrets of how he improves himself every day, and a rapid fire round of questions heard no where else than here on the Game of Life....
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3 pointer time! 
I know I said I would do my top 3 NBA players of all time, but we are going to postpone that a week and keep the feedback and votes coming in (which I really  appreciate the great response I have gotten. Lot of MJ votes out there... we'll see... Keep the coming at davidnurse05 on twitter, davidnurse5 on IG or hit me an email anytime. Love to hear from you all!
With jeremy on the podcast and the GREAT underdog motivational story that he is - we are going to go with the top 3 underdog stories in all of sports (not including jeremy)
3. Kurt Warner  - Undrafted and went from bagging groceries at Hy-Vee in Iowa to winning the Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams.  Actually played golf with him when he was playing for the Arena League Iowa Barnstormers the year before he went to St. Louis.  (So basically I take all credit for his success after he dominated me at golf) 
2. Tom Brady - If you haven't watched the Brady 6 documentary, get on that right now! It's the most motivational story of determination, grit, and never letting anyone tell you that you can't do something.  From the 199th overall pick in the 2000 NFL draft to arguably the best quarterback of all time.  
1. Steve Nash - Small, not overly athletic kid from the middle of no-where Canada, overlooked by basically every college (one scholarship offer from Santa Clara) No one believed in this undersized mop-top kid.  2 time MVP, one of the best overall point guards in nba history. 
How awesome was that!  I told you, Jeremy is just an all around high level character person.  The epitome of the perfect role model for any kid out, for any person out there for that matter.  Perseverance and trust and faith in the Lord, and I'll tell you what, you can do anything. And Jeremy is living proof of exactly that. 
Check out everything he is doing, support his foundation, just join in on Jeremy's passion of helping to give back and genuinely making this world a better place. I know it sounds cliche to say that, but Jeremy is motivation that we all can do our part, as small as it might be, but no matter how small it all adds up. 
Instagram and Twitter: JLin7  
Jeremy Lin Foundation:
I'd love to hear from all of you out there. Seriously, hit me - give me feedback on how we can keep making this podcast better, topics you guys want me to focus on, any high level performers out there that you think I should bring on - let me know and we'll get them on.  One of these episodes coming up here we'll do an audience question and answer. That'd be fun.  You know what, the coolest thing about this podcast is it's not just me talking to you, its US talking together. We're basically hanging around campfire, roasting marshmallows, making us some smores, listening to someone play the guitar that really isn't very good but we act like they are. Yeah you know what i"m talking about.  Anyways, we're family - Game of Life family.  Thank you so much for listening and making this possible. Until next week - Hope you all have a  great week. And remember, it's all about the journey 
David Nurse Game of Life signing off.   
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