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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

May 28, 2017

This week we've got an awesome guest for you! Literally since this Podcast's birth I've been wanting to have him and this week we lassoed him in. One of the most overall talented people I know, the only person I'd let read bedtime stories to me (other than Morgan Freeman), extremely accomplished Emmy Award Winning (and who I am very blessed to able to call him a good friend - Ian Eagle) If you watch any sport on the thing called the television you have probably heard his voice, and been mesmerized by it.  His story, one of the most motivational I have heard - true inspiration of what it means to follow your dreams, never let anyone tell you no, and how to prepare every day to be the best individual, the best in his field, just the epitome of a super high level performer that is making a positive impact on society. 
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3pters of the week!
Since we have arguably one of the best sports broadcasters of all time on the podcast this week we're going to stick with theme of sporting events. 
I'm going to hit you with my top 3 sporting events I have personally been to, the top 3 sporting rivalries you might not know about, and the  top 3 sporting events on my bucket list.
3. Tie between sumo wrestling in Osaka Japan, heated soccer games in the slums of Brazil, and watching Manny Paciqou coach and play for his basketball team his is also the GM for. Yep. Not a whole lot else you can say about that. 
2. Kentucky Derby 
1. London Olympics 2012
Top 3 sporting rivalries you might not know about
3. Australia vs. New Zealand Rugby 
2. India vs. Pakistan Cricket
1. Kobiashi vs. Joey Chestnut Nathans 4th of july hot dog eating contest 
Bucket list sporting event
Running with the Bulls in Pamplona Spain
Super cool to hear the inspiration from Ian - Having a dream, having a goal and taking a step every day to reach that goal. 
And so cool to know that really anyone can do what they set their mind to. I know it might sound cliche to say that. But I know you can, I'm living proof, Ian is living proof. It's all about not being afraid to take a risk, being comfortable with who you are, and realizing failure is only failure if you don't take the chance 
  • French Open for Tennis Channel
  • Masters Online commentary of Amen corner 09
  • Voice of the announcer for NBA 07, 08 and 09 for PSP
  • NBA playoff announcing for NBA TV
  • Hosts NBA Action, a weekly highlights and features show for NBA TV
  • Announces preseason New York Jets telecasts on WCBS-TV in New York
  • Host of Nets Magazine, a look inside the New Jersey Nets for the YES Network
  • Voiceover for Modell's radio commercials and in-store voiceovers
  • Voice of NBA Action from 2004–present
  • Co-hosts Power Performances presented by Courtyard by Marriott on
  • NFL Thursday Night games on Westwood One, with Trent Green as his color man
  • Lee Myles Commercials
  • On the song Games by Dog Eat Dog
  • Voice of announcer on NBA Shootout video game series by 989 Sports.