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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Jun 25, 2020

Grant Baldwin - How to Become a Worldwide Motivational Speaker

Grant Baldwin is one of the most successful speakers throughout the world. But it didn't all start like that, Grant made the decision to become a speaker, took the chance, made the life pivot, and over years and years of relentless consistency has become one of the most widely recognized motivational speakers in the world. We dive deep into Grant's story & how you can make the Pivot in your life to follow your Passion and make that Passion your Career!



I’ve always enjoyed speaking and helping other people. So much so that I actually went to Bible college and became a youth pastor. I did that for a little while but eventually felt like there was something else I should be doing. While my wife was 5 months pregnant with our first daughter, I quit my job with little plan of what I wanted to do with my life.

I literally felt like I was having a quarter life crisis.

I spent months reading, exploring and trying to figure out what I was put on this planet to do. I knew some of the things I was good at, and I knew what I enjoyed doing, but I was never sure how it all translated into a career. After several months, I decided to start a career as a speaker.

In the last several years, I’ve been fortunate to speak to audiences all over the country. I’ve spoke at hundreds of events and have given literally thousands of presentations in conferences, assemblies, conventions and other events. I’ve spoken to audiences of just a handful to arenas filled with 13,000 people.


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