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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Aug 4, 2017



Episode 17 
Gary Sacks
The Game of Life 
Welcome back to the Game of Life Podcast there we bring to you the behind the scenes in the lives of NBA players, business savvy enertapreneuars and top level performers in all fields of personal development. The podcast that helps you become the best version  
 This week on The Game of Life podcast we have a very special guest - the man behind the scenes that turned the Los Angeles Clippers from cellar dwellers into title contenders, and grew the Clippers to not only be the hottest team in LA, but the entire NBA.  
In this episode you will get an insiders look on what it's like to run an NBA franchise as a GM, the daily grind behind all the glitz and glamor of the NBA, how to tell an NBA All Star that they are being traded, what motivates/drives a this person to go from intern with his office as the janitors closet to becoming one of the most successful, respected GM's in the NBA. That person is Gary Sacks. 
I've been beyond blessed to be able to get to know Gary personally over the years and extremely grateful for his close friendship. Gary is not only one of the best basketball minds I have ever been around in the NBA, but also one of the most genuine, caring, and overall authentic people I have ever met. 
If you have every wondered what it is like to run an NBA franchise or you wanted to play in the NBA and you're not 7 feet with a 40 inch vertical - we'll you're about to find out exactly what it's like. 
Game of Life - Episode 17  Gary Sacks, here we go 

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3 points of the week 
Here are the 3 things this past week I have been learning/studying/life-hacking testing on myself, and some behind the scenes NBA info--- 
I'm loving this new set up of the 3pointers - and hit me with anything you guys are learning that I should look into. I think my job title should actually be professional learner. I absolutely LOVE to learn. No matter what it is, if it challenges my brain I'm all in. 
1. From the health and nutrition field - Coconut Oil teeth pulling
Oil pulling works by cleaning (detoxifying) the oral cavity in a similar way that soap cleans dirty dishes. It literally sucks the dirt (toxins) out of your mouth and creates a clean, antiseptic oral environment that contributes to the proper flow of dental liquid that’s needed to prevent cavities and disease.
2. Book of the week - Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss
It's the tactics, routines, habits of billionaires, icons, and world class performers. It's a compilation of the top interviews Ferriss has done. And he has had some GREAT people on - from Schzwaneggar, to Tony Robbins, to Jamie Foxx. Check this book out, it's about as big as a dictionary but it's an absolute wealth of knowledge
3. NBA behind the scenes info: 
Lebron to the Lakers??? Thats the rumor and yes I can confirm from multiple sources throughout the league in front office positions that LBJ is coming to LA after this season. Not only will the Lakers be a front runner for the title but so will the Brentwood Middle School team adding his son to the roster. 
There you have it - the 3pters of the week!
Have an amazing week and remember life is a journey - enjoy it. Game of Life, David Nurse. Singing off. 
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