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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Mar 6, 2018

Don Yaeger
Greatness Coach
If you don't know of him already, first of all, whats wrong with you? But you are about to meet one of the most interesting, motivational, driven, exciting, colorful people you will ever meet!
Let's just say he will help you achieve greatness
He will help you find the purpose of who you want to be and how to take daily steps to get there
He will blow your mind with stories of working with the best of the best - John Wooden, Walter Payton, Peyton Manning, He's been on Oprah, Good Morning America, oh an by the way - he has written 10 NY Times best sellers. 
Who is Don Yaeger you ask?
Thats just the tip of the iceberg. 
Don is a mentor to me (you'll find out in the podcast exactly why I'm telling you that) 
But seriously - I was blessed to be able to listen to him speak to the UCLA basketball team this past season and I've never heard anyone like him with his ability to motivate, empower, and overall help individuals and teams build their brand - a brand of greatness. 
Just wait until you hear his story on Peyton Manning's rise to the Peyton Manning you know today. 
All of that and much much more on this episode of The Game of Life! 
Buckle up, Don Yaeger, here we go!
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John Wooden 
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