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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Jul 10, 2017

Hope you all had a great 4th of July week/weekend/month/ however long you celebrated it. You know whats even more important to celebrate- another week of the Game of Life of course. I'll be your host today as I am every week, David Nurse. Extremely thankful to all of you out there listening making this possible. I absolutely LOVE learning and growing with you guys. 
And do we have a great one this week for you!  
Not only is this guest the founder of a revolutionary product in the food industry but he is literally one of the sharpest, most well studied, genuine human beings I have ever met when it comes to healthy diet and lifestyle.  I know that term is very broad - health - but the guest today will break down in depth exactly what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, the steps you can take starting today to implement it into your life, how his product Ample is not just a product but a movement, the sciencey nutritional value in Ample that makes it the NEXT big thing in the food industry. 
The guest this week on the Game of Life- Connor Young.  I've been very blessed to get to know Connor and right from the first time we met, I knew there was something special about this guy.  He isn't in it for the money of building a company (already been offered multi million dollar buy outs, and turned them down) He is in it to teach everyone on the face of the planet the truth about nutrition, why 95% of what the public preaches is false, and give you the life hacks of how to become healthy, and basically control your body by simply having the knowledge. Knowledge is power and Connor is packing  a full episode full of it.  Super interesting episode, see you at the end! 
Very interesting 1st half of the podcast - as you can tell Connor is a mad scientist when it comes to nutrition.  Ample is not just a product, it's a movement. Think Bulletproof Coffee, the juguranaut Dave Asprey has created.  Ample is going to be the same thing - but for an even bigger market: overall nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Not diet, lifestyle. 
So gotta tell you about what I have been using to train my NBA players. It's literally the cutting edge of muscle memory development and overall self improvement in any aspect.  Halo. Steph Curry uses it, Kevin Love uses it, The North Carolina Tar Heels won a Nat'l Championship using it. 
Halo is...... 
Neuropriming is the process of using electrical stimulation (such as transcranial direct current stimulation, or tDCS) to increase plasticity in the brain prior to an activity. This process decreases the amount of input required for neurons to fire, and helps neurons fire together, enabling more rapid strengthening of connections in the brain. When paired with quality training, this results in increased strength, explosiveness, endurance, and muscle memory
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Back to the podcast 2nd half preview
To recap, you learned about the importance of mitochondria and the super human cells we have in our body - the decisions we make by living a healthy lifestyle if we increase or decrease these cells, how twisted and backwards the public perception of heath is, what Connor is doing through Ample to change the mindset, starts a much needed movement, and overall his passion to educate the general public. 
In the 2nd half you are going to learn Connor's daily routine, his life hacks for self improvement, quotes he lives by, the future of ample and the food industry all together, and much more. Buckle up, here we go!
Big time thanks to Connor for coming on The Game of Life. 
Really encourage you all to try Ample for yourself, you will see how effective it is, not to mention how crazy deliciously tasty, satiating it is. 
It is what's coming next and you have the chance to be on the healthy lifestyle train first. The NBA players I work with drink it - muscle milk, chocolate milk, shhhhhh...
Check it out and let me know your thoughts. 
Not a plug at all but you can get a discount through using the code NURSE for 15% off. 
My 3pts of the week have turned into my 1 pointer of the week. But of course it's worth it. 
I'm going to tell you about my breakfast and lunch - basically my POWER coffee and my POWER smoothie. 
Power coffee:
Straight black coffee on Chemix pour over. Organic coffee, mix in some MCT powder or oil, cinnamon, Bulletproof Vanilla, blend it out in a Ninja smoothie for extra froth and creaminess. 
Big massive cup of this (basically the equivalent of 3-4 cups) some green tea as well and we are ready to roll until Noon!
Power smoothie:
Half Avocado
Epic Bone Broth 
Cocoa Nibs
One scoop of coconut butter (from Artisian)
Let me know your coffee game and your smoothie game!
Leave a review and anything I can throw in to make it even better!!


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