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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Jun 11, 2018

Cate Shanahan - Episode 2! Vegan & Keto in the NBA, How YOU can Recreate your Genes & DNA, the 3 Foods that Will Change YOUR Life, & the Healthiest Fruit Ever! (Straight from the Jungles of Thailand!)

Cate Shanahan - Episode 2 - World's Top Nutritionist - Athlete of the Future Nutrionist


On this Episode of the Game of Life Podcast we DIVE SUPER DEEP on:

Vegan in the NBA
Keto in the NBA
Best Chefs in the NBA (players)
Repairing and regenerating your Genes
The ULTIMATE superfood fruit that you have never heard of....from Thailand!
9 ways to increase your metabolism and transform your DNA
Customize the EXACT perfect diet to you and the sport you play
3 Foods to add and 3 Foods to take out to increase your overall health dramatically today!!!
Buying half a cow and being a MAN OF THE WOODS!


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