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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Sep 14, 2021

Carey Nieuwhof - The Answer to Burnout! 




Take an honest look at the pace that you’re currently living at. Could you do this forever? Would you want to?

For most people, the answer is no.

You tell yourself it’s a busy season, but if your busy season has no ending, it’s not a season—it’s your life.

So, what if you could start living in a way today that will help you thrive tomorrow?

Whatever your goals and dreams are in life, when you apply the strategies inside At Your Best, you’ll have built a life that you no longer want to escape from.

Instead, you might actually start loving it.





Chili Sleep

Welcome to the BEST night of sleep, EVERY night!!!

Wellness isn’t all about having the perfect diet or the best trainers. It’s about recovering + adding to your overall health with sufficient quality sleep. Cooling in the middle of the night not only keeps you sleeping but can also up to double your deep sleep.

You pay more for cooling your home in six months than you do for a chili pad or ooler that can last for a long long time!

Honestly the biggest difference maker I ever made in optimizing my sleep to the MAX!


NURSE20  20%  Cube Sleep System with Chilipad® Cool Mesh™

NURSE15   15% OOLER® Sleep System with Chilipad® Cool Mesh™



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Popular electrolyte drinks on the market have low amounts of electrolytes and miss the mark on the “optimal ratio”. LMNT Recharge gives you more electrolytes in the ideal ratio.

1000 mgSODIUM


What we DON’T consume is just as important as what we DO consume.
No Sugar
No Gluten
No Fillers
No Artificial Ingredients
Paleo & Keto Friendly



'WRKOUT provides the convenience of working out with your personal trainer LIVE from anywhere, on any device.'

Train Your Way.
No Equipment Necessary.

Connect and train with a real live personal trainer and get started on a personalized fitness plan designed just for you. Training is delivered 100% online in a completely live, one-one-one format that connects you and your personal trainer together screen-to-screen using a browser, completely from the comfort of your home. No more driving to the gym. No more on-demand videos.

I was always a gym guy - so I was skeptical about virtual training.  But It has delivered!  Let me tell you… you definitely don’t need to worry about getting a good workout!  And my lifestyle is hectic!  ...with lots of travel and hotels - it used to be so hard to keep consistent... now with WRKOUT it's easy for me to get a session in with my trainer wherever I am.

If you want to see what virtual personal training with a live trainer can do for you then check out, tell them I sent you and you’ll get your first 3 sessions free and 20% off your first training package!"