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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Dec 17, 2020

Brad Carlson - The Next Mark Cuban - The Blueprint to Create a BILLION Dollar Company


Growing up in home building family Brad was thrown into small business at the age of 5. He witnessed from his parents the art of creating outcomes and, “to just figure things out”. While starting his first company out of his college apartment he was shut out of the family for 3 years for going against taking over his father’s business and not finishing college….

fast forward to now the Brad’s companies have organically produced over $250MM in revenue since 2007. Today Brad runs a family investment office company focused on growing small market cap holdings while driving to grow enterprise value to over a billion dollars by 2046- the year he turns 60-years-old. Small business runs deep in his blood- he is determined to provide clear vision and leadership while cultivating and growing his staff through a common vision of building something that is greater than any one person. “My goal is to pass the values and behaviors my family taught me down to the next generations of leadership- together we will do something truly special and leave a legacy,”. Brad resides in Kansas City where he lives to create amazing experiences with friends and family.





Just a small request : we noticed you speak about Somavedic as device that blocks or shields EMF. It's crucial that we speak about Somavedic as a bioresonance device that didn't shield from EMF, but mitigates harmful effects on the body. It creates a field of coherence and helps the cells repair faster and better. Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any questions!



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