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The Pivot & Go! Podcast w/ David Nurse

Nov 13, 2018

Ben Courson -
Learn to live with ULTIMATE passion, wake up every morning with SUPER joy for your life, and why we ALL need to be OPTIMISFITS
World Renown Author, Motivational Speaker, Passion Builder
Get ready to be BLOWN away by the most passionate person you may ever meet. If you ever wake up in the morning wondering where you will find the motivation to attack the day - well....Ben is about to change your life!! His energy, passion, and LOVE for non-conforming is one of the most real, honest genuine, and I DON'T CARE WHAT THE WORLD thinks of me mindsets that I have ever seen.
Ben is a one of the brightest young authors in the world, travels internationally public speaking and is one of the my sought after influencers developing passion and a joy for life.
In this episode Ben oozes passion on:
  • Optimisfits - what does it mean and why we should live by it
  • Steps to wake up everyday with ultaimte joy
  • Why we ALL need to be non-conformists
  • How living for Jesus has NOTHING to do with Religiion
  • How to serve others and in doing so find your true self
  • And TONS of the best Quotes to live by you will ever hear!
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