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The David Nurse Show

Nov 13, 2018



--------------- You are about to hear from one of the most motivational people walking this planet. I know we have a lot of super motivational, positive, joy-filled guests on the Game of Life Podcast, but then ask yourself the question, why wouldn't we? That's the type of people that make us all better versions of US!!

The definition of a 1%-er right here: a constant learner, a legend who has never let anyone tell him he can't do something, working with the best of the best in the NBA - Kobe, LeBron, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, literally the list goes on and on, and he has had a positive impact on them all.

Someone I have so much respect for and very blessed to be able to call a close friend, someone who stepped away from the ABSOLUTE top of his craft to pursue a bigger purpose, a bigger calling, to impact not just basketball players but to bring his gifts, his passion, his love for being a humble servant to everyone! Welcome to the Game of Life Podcast Mr. Alan Stein. And just so you know, the intro I just gave him doesn't even begin to scratch the surface on explaining all that Alan is. But what you are about to hear in this podcast will not only give you behind the scenes insight on what the top athletes in the world do to RAISE THEIR GAME, but will give you a blue print for how you can change your entire outlook on each and every day and live everyday with the ultimate joy, passion for what you do, and confidence in who you are. Game of Lifer's you are 1%-ers and welcome a 1%-er that is about to ROCK this podcast and then some, ALAN STEIN...




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