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The Art Of w/ David Nurse

Nov 26, 2020

Quinn Cook - 2 Time NBA Champion (Nothing Given, Everything Earned!) & The Ultimate NBA Mindset


Quinn Cook is the epitome of 'nothing given, everything earned.'  I have known Quinn for nearly 8 years and have seen him grow through his career from being undrafted, overlooked, counted out, to becoming one of the most...

Nov 19, 2020

Ryan Montgomery - Taking Risks & Becoming a Country Music Star



No one ever got where they dreamed to be without taking risks. Big risks. Ryan's, yeah you will find out in this episode. Basically he went from unknown to country music STAR by taking this risk!

Check out the episode and find out what the risk was and...

Nov 13, 2020

Dana Cavalea - New York Yankees Performance Coach on The Art of Making Things HAPPEN!




Coach Dana Cavalea is the former Director of Strength & Conditioning and Performance for the New York Yankees. 

He led the team to a World Championship in 2009. That same year...

Nov 5, 2020

Ryan Hollins - NBA Star Pivots to The NEXT Great TV Voice & Personality!


Ryan Hollins was an NBA journeyman - 9 teams in 10 years. Very very talented player, but the NBA wasn't his true calling. His true calling: TV!! Ryan decided to not live in his identity on being 'only an NBA basketball player and made the pivot...