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The Art Of w/ David Nurse

Jul 26, 2020

David Sams - The Marketing Guru who Started Jeopardy, Oprah, & Wheel of Fortune


David Sams is one of the world's most respected marketing strategists, a nine-time Emmy® award-winning TV producer, and emerging technologies guru. He has been featured in the pages of TV GUIDE, USA TODAY, and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY....

Jul 16, 2020


The Pivot & Go Episode!

One of the most fun episodes I have ever done…

Not because I got the opportunity to talk all about Pivot & Go and how beneficial the book can be for those who read it and the power it holds in the tools and actions steps that it provides, but because I got to be interviewed by my...

Jul 7, 2020

Babe Kwasniak is an American Hero. Period.

West Point Graduate, serving in our armed forces, going on extreme missions he can’t even speak openly about!

Team Building Expert, Civilian Aide to the U.S. Secretary of the Army.  Sold his business for millions while in his 30’s. Because a college basketball coach...

Jul 2, 2020

Anthony Tolliver & Josh Dotzler - Social Justice in the NBA & How We ALL Can Take Action



This is an episode that is so very needed. In the day and age we are living in currently, there is a HUGE void need for social justice. No matter who we are we, we can all take action and we can all help progress the cause...