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The Art Of w/ David Nurse

Jun 27, 2019

Americans on average spend 77 days per year watching TV!!!! What if we spent that time pouring into ourselves and others to be great?!! My true story of my realization of this epidemic...

Jun 20, 2019

What is on the outside is not always whats on the inside...

My true story from the deserts and mountains of Israel

Jun 6, 2019

The Equipped are Never 'Called'  

We are ALL Called! We make the choice if we want to make it happen!

Jun 4, 2019

Meeting Peter Crone is like meeting Buddha, Einstein, and Austin Powers at the same time.


One of the best OVERALL approaches to the human mind I have EVER heard of comes directly from this guy right here: Peter Crone. Peter has worked with the BEST OF THE BEST: Top Hollywood...