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The Art Of w/ David Nurse

Jan 18, 2018

Amin Elhassan 

NBA Behind the Scenes Part 1


Show Notes

(4:00) Why Amin can be the 'Hater' and be super well respected

(7:30) Dealing with NBA players coming at Amin!

(12:15) Austin Rivers beef with Amin

(15:50) Asking the HARD questions, no groupthink for growth 

(23:36) How Social Media...

Jan 9, 2018


Ryan Glatt – Peak Brain Institute


3:00 – Being a Brain Coach

7:05 – Athlete of the Future Trianing – Mental Brain Optimization

8:10 – Are all the machines/products to help optimize worth it??

11:40 – One thing per day you can do to improve your overall health and lifestyle

14:45 – Story of James Worthy...