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The Art Of w/ David Nurse

Oct 25, 2017

Episode 27- 

Winston Justice 


Main Points 

The movement Winston realized he was in the NFL and the story behind it

If he had the choice to do it all over again, would he?

The concussions debate, Winston's take on it and if he would allow his kids to play football

Day in the life of an NFL player

What goes on right...

Oct 22, 2017


Jeff Jordan 

Venture Capitalist Entrepreneur  



Jeff's Background (6:22)

Expect to LOSE it all investing (13:03)

Jeff's Physical and Mental life hacks (15:10)

RAPID FIRE (22:22)

Advice to live the BEST life...

Oct 13, 2017


Episode 26

John Day 



Welcome to the Mystical Longevity Village China 

The main takeaways from how the people of Longevity Village China has the most people over the age of 100 and still functioning in society!


Rewiring your Genes and Unlocking DNA Code


Food and Diet

REAL FOOD!! non-processed 


Oct 10, 2017

Episode 24
How Ben is going to change the NBA!  Learn all about it! This episode will literally blow your mind!
Quick Notes to hear more on in the podcast:
1. sleep cycles importance!!
2. plane- circadia, sleep mask, bio-noral beats, special shoes, pulse electro...

Oct 2, 2017

This week on the Game of Life Podcast we are recording live from the Sea of Galilee in Israel.  Yep, you heard me right, the Israel. Straight out of the land of milk and honey, we are bringing you the Game of Life Podcast from all over the world.  
Two weeks ago we were in Tokyo, Japan, last week the beaches of Maui,...